One who bears the crime or do not try to stop it, is considered much more of a culprit rather than one who does the misdeeds. I was to be blamed more !!!!

As i said he used to do betting on matches.. so in games especially in betting, sometimes you win sometimes you lose and in betting when you lose, you lose Money.
He was not from a rich background , neither did he was earning, then from where the money will come to pay when he loses the bet?. I know!!!

One day he lost money in betting and he had to pay this money as soon as possible. I didn’t knew about all this betting thing before , that was the day when i came to knew about it when he asked me for money. It was about Rs.200 merely but that time it was a big amount for me. I had no money neither i used to get any pocket money and i told him so but he said i want money from you anyhow or i will never talk to you , arrange it from anywhere but i want it.
OH MY GOD! he was threatening me for my money and i couldn’t refuse him because i was scared of losing him because for me he was my everything , greater than anything and anyone else. I was hell scared, so tensed and worried , from where the hell i would get money… from where????
I found the answer .. yes!!! i found it but such a wrong answer, i dint realized it much at that time because i did not wanted to lose him anyhow.. i decided to steal money from locker, where mummy and daddy keep their money “Safely”.. They would have never thought that their money is not safe in their own home due to their own daughter 😦 .. such a black spot i am on the name of daughter.
That was the first time i stole money..but not the last time. This thing kept on going and amount kept on increasing (FROM HUNDREDS IT CAME IN TO THOUSANDS), there were times i was caught.. but my parents trusted me so much that they never thought m stealing money they thought it to be something else and ignored it…TRUST.. I broke their trust for a worthless guy who does not even deserves to be called simply a HUMAN.
I still don’t have the courage to confess this to my parents .. I regret it so much.. i know i should confess but there are already so many problems i don’t want to make it more complicated .
May be someday i will confess somehow.


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