3.3 Happiness is his smile :)

I did whatever i was able to do for him.
He was not much involved in studies , he would not complete his notes ever, he never cared about the studies. He was money minded and used to bet as a way of earning money , i tried to stop him many times but he never did instead involved me too with him. He would tell me to choose a no. every time and surprisingly he won each time i chose for him :O i did not know how :O. He started me calling his lucky charm , that made me felt happy to be his lucky mascot .
So he would not have his notes completed ever ( i do not know how it started but i started doing his work). I started completing his notes. I would complete one whole notebook in a single day , my whole day would pass by doing his work without eating and drinking anything just because he had to give it next day for checking. It became his habit too to make me do all the work. I was nowhere near my books, i stopped caring about my studies , my homeworks and everything else. My hands used to pain but still i kept on writing and writing. My marks in school were going down and down day by day. My teacher who saw a bright student in me was now upset with me and even scolded me , and sometime later stopped expecting anything from me. That Hurts!! I am sorry mam for letting you down , i am really sorry 😦

One day I came back after meeting him. Just as I reached home I got a call from him , he said ” pls bring her (his first love) to meet me. She can’t come alone . She just called and said that she wants to meet me ,after such a long time. Pls bring her with you.” Another shock for me. I had just returned to home so i refused , first because mom would not allow to go again, second i didn’t wanted them to meet 😦 . yes! after all i loved him. But then he started to taunt me and that felt really bad. Suddenly there was a knock on the door . I opened it up and saw her standing there 😦 So i had to now go with her.

I can’t even explain the feeling , the scene is still so clear in my mind, i can never forget it!!!

At first we were walking together, then suddenly he held her hand , she was at first a bit shy but then he held her hand tightly . I understood, that meant to back off (for me). So i started walking behind them. Crying inside.
Imagine !!! just Imagine! watching your boyfriend walking with someone else, holding someone else’s hand, he did not even turned behind for once to look at me. I was walking behind silently watching them together . But then He was happy and that was more important for me.:)

It didn’t end there , later i just thought if his happiness is in her then i should try to patch up their relationship somehow . I did tried i exchanged their letters , i would go to her and give her my phone totalk to him. But in the last the girl just ended everything from her side for some reasons and eventually so did he.


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