Things were getting worse everyday. I was the only one who was suffering that too BY CHOICE. After that many similar things happened, many girls came in his life while our relationship… For some he would say that he wants to lower down the attitude of this or that girl and that is why he is dating her for fake, for some he would say that the girl is his friend’s girlfriend and they are checking out that girls loyalty by talking or flirting with her. Once he called me to meet up ,but when i reached at the place i saw him roaming with his some friend(girl) who used to like him. That was unbelievable! he was walking with he,r holding her by waist like they were a couple and told me to not come in front of her and to wait for a while till she bids goodbye.
He would do whatever he wanted to, but would never let me talk with any guy except those who are my school friends. He would never allow me to make new friends on social networking sites.

He caged a free bird! He broke the wings of the bird and bleed out her heart!

Out of many incidents there was one which feels like a hurricane in brain!
NEW YEAR..Everyone was going to have a new beginning and another year full of life. Me and my girlfriends decided to have a party at one of my friends home. We were all so happy so excited to meet. My phone was not working properly so i had given it for repairing, so he told me to take his one out of two phones, so that he would contact me and pick me up after party!

Party was on , we were all chatting and laughing when suddenly i remembered that i had to call my mother to inform her that i have reached safely. So i picked up the phone to call her. But OH! it asks for password. I called him from another no. to ask for password and he first hesitated but eventually gave it and said not to open any other folder. I said ok!
But obviously that brought a doubt to my mind, i started opening up folders one by one, everything was fine then why did he said that ? Suddenly my eyes reached a folder “archive messages”, i opened it and saw messages of two girls of same name. Guess what? one was her friend and another was mine. MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND! I didn’t knew that my friend and my boyfriend are in contact with each other. They had met earlier through me but they were having each other’s no :O i had no idea about it!!!! it would not have been so shocking if they would have told me that they talk to each other, and that’s not the worst part guys!
The worst part was what was written in the messages. It was written – “I have got so many proposals but this one is my favourite”. Wtf!!!!! he proposed my friend :O and she kind of accepted it :O not only this there was a message from his friend too which said i love u “N” . How many girls he was dating at the same time ???

I was there standing at my friends balcony reading all this, my friends were standing besides me… suddenly there was rush of so many negative emotions (anger, pain, disappointment) inside me.. i broke down.. everyone was shocked and tried to handle me…

Few moments later i somehow gathered up myself and called him and told him to come at the place right now.
I was sobbing when he came, but just as i saw his face i grew red in anger , i threw out his phone out of my pocket on the road , i wanted that phone to get destroyed but unfortunately it didn’t, i screamed at him , shouted at him, but then eventually found myself sitting on road and crying, people, labourers, my friends, security guards , they all were looking at me, yes! it was embarrassing, but much more heart breaking, and then suddenly i stood up and started running away from him, but where? towards the middle of the road , towards the vehicles, To DIE! and he ran behind me and caught me up and brought me to the side.. and that was much more embarrassing, i was out of control now, i was just crying and crying . So he called up his brother and his girlfriend ,they came and handled me.

Later on he called me and talked to me and made another EXCUSE .. that he was doing all this for me he was trying to show me my friend’s true colours and he somehow managed to get me back AGAIN! SO THAT HE CAN FOOL ME SOME MORE TIMES BECAUSE HE KNEW I LOVED HIM TOO MUCH !

If he was trying to show me my friend’s true colour then why the hell he didnt told me that he Is doing this kind of stuff , y the hell he didn’t told me earlier. I could never imagine that the guy i loved so much will ditch me this way , the girl with whom i shared my childhood , whom i loved too will pay me back this way! Wow! what a black spot on name of love and friendship. I did wrong. I was going to punish myself , i should have punished him, slapped him so hard that he would never be able to forget it. Kick him on his butt so that he would remember all this for his life time. But i was a stupid girl blinded by love. such a pity ! I was trying to win love of SUCH A GUY !



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