Probably love and sacrifices goes hand in hand.
“D” was not alone now. Yes! love brings responsibilities with it, she had a responsibility now and so does he. Their lives were not of their own now, they were now part of each others lives, they were now sharing their lives with each other. Two out of many things that love teaches a person is sharing and adjusting with another person. They both were learning it now slowly and gradually.

He was caring and loving towards her but still somewhere in the heart he loved that girl “his first love” and that thing would hurt “D” now and then, but she never showed it she knew how to handle herself. She had always been a strong girl. She faced tons of difficulties while she was in relationship with him, some due to his bad image in the society , some due to other girls who were behind him, and many problems she faced because of HIM.

There was a incident she recalls. There was a girl who was her friend, but back then they were not on talking terms. Somehow she came to know about “D”s relationship so she showed up one day and took “D” to a street’s corner and told her that – ” Dont be with that guy , he is not a nyc guy, he is a jerk and lives in a bad company. So it would be better if you would leave him”. As usual ‘D’ was in tears by now (SHE WAS SENSITIVE), she could not hear bad things about her love now, she called him and told him about it all. He was angry and asked for that girl’s number, he said he would talk to her and would scold her for doing so.

Few days later he told her that he had called up her friend and had made her understand that she had a wrong image about him and cleared it all. That was a great news for ‘D’ . SHE WAS MUCH RELIEVED NOW.

BUT after some more days she came to know that her love “N” was roaming around with her friend on bike, in malls, holding hands, holding her waist. You must be thinking that she must have heard some rumours and she should not believe on it. But wait!!! guess who told her all this??? HE himself told her all this and he gave the excuse of being just friends and that it’s normal and there’s nothing to react about it. He would tell “D” that he saw that girl at the shop or in market or in the street and he would even tell “D” to pass on the message to her friend that she has a beautiful smile, or sometimes he would tell her to pass on his some messages to her. “D” the stupid girl, knew what was going on but still kept silent and did all what he said for now she was ready to make all the sacrifices just to be with him.



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