He told her – “Listen! I wanted you to know that i love a girl ( yes he loved a girl and that girl was not ‘D’!!! :o), she was my first love and we got separated due to some situations, her brother got to know about us and then all that family drama happened due to which we had to stop talking, I am with you right now but a part of me still loves her and she loves me too , she sometimes even calls and we talk. I know i should have told u before about all of this but i am telling you now , it’s not too late even now. Now it’s all your decision to stay or to leave.” ( how the hell can he say thats its not too late even now… it’s too too late stupid, the girl is drunk in your love, she has already fallen for you so deeply now, and probably you knew that too thats why you weren’t scared of her leaving because you knew she wont !!!! clever huh !)

That little sensitive girl was in tears by now, fully confused, angry but more upset. She cried and cried ( she always does so to let out her anger ,she don’t yell at people or throw things or punch teddy bears, she cries to drain her anger in form of tears).
She didn’t knew what to do how to handle all this pain and anger. He mentioned one thing too that he will forget his first love soon and will stop talking to her (A white lie and she couldnt understand it too, she was so blinded by his love). This gave her a bit of a satisfaction. She thought about it all, she realised she won’t be able to live without him ( what i have learnt from my experiences that no one ever dies without someone except in rare cases ,its just feels so, whether you want or not life goes on and u have to live it). So she thought and thought and decided to stay ( the very first wrong decision which she took), she thought that she would stay and win his love , she would wait for him to love her back ,to only love her.



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