Chapter-2 NEW LIFE !

Everything was so well in her new school. She had never been so happy till now.She was the girl who thought that she will find the love of her life when she will reach college.Who thought that her first love will be her last and her first love will last forever. (FOREVER ^_^ THIS WORDS REMINDS HER OF SOMEONE NOW..U GUYS WILL KNOW LATER ABOUT THIS ;p )

But then life took a big turn.

There was a GUY who lived in her neighbouring street. She didn’t knew him personally but had heard bad things about him from her friends. She hated him for what she heard about him. Let’s call him “N”.
One day D noticed him staring at her and she felt disgusting, after that there were many such times when she came face to face with him. Unfortunately her terrace was also visible from his terrace .

In the beginning she just hated facing him. But slowly and gradually things started to change, she started to feel for him because he was constantly trying to impress her in every possible way ,they even started talking through HAND SIGNS through their terraces. She now wanted to see him every second of the day ,she loved facing him now. Even he was not behind , he used to stand below her house in the evening to have a glance of her. He would pass by her house every now and then JUST FOR HER. She loved all his efforts!

Back then she was just a very simple girl with simple looks. She never thought about styling up herself or say never felt the need of doing it. SO the very thought which made her fell in love with N was that “IF SUCH A SMART, HANDSOME LOOKING GUY CAN LIKE SUCH A SIMPLE GIRL THEN HE MUST REALLY LOVE ME FOR THE WAY I AM”

This was the beginning of a perfect fairytale romance For D.

really! a PERFECT FAIRYTALE ROMANCE ! hahahahah…


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